Cathy McGowan: Member for Indi

Indi Weekly Scoop - Canberra edition - December 5, 2014


The final Parliamentary sitting week for 2014 has capped an exciting year for Cathy representing the people of Indi. The week coincided with the 12-month anniversary of Cathy’s First Speech in Parliament. She used the opportunity in a speech on the need for a regional policy to call on the Leader of the Nationals and Minister for Infrastructure, Warren Truss, to fight for regional Australia in Cabinet. Cathy has spent the year in Parliament talking about the infrastructure needs of Indi and rural and regional Australia. More investment is needed in telecommunications, transport infrastructure, health and mental health, education and agriculture to grow Indi and regional Australia. Cathy will continue the fight for these important issues in 2015.


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Indi Weekly Scoop - November 28, 2014


  • ABC cuts unpopular
  • Telecommunications solutions
  • North East health organisation wins National Resilience Award
  • Indi Funding news
  • Final Parliamentary sitting week
  • Welcome to the Great Victorian Bike Ride!

The biggest issue of the week was ABC cutting a quality rural program with national reach. Feedback to the office shows cutting the ABC Radio National program Bush Telegraph was a mistake. Cathy’s statement of support for ‘Bush Tele’ and question to Minister for Agriculture, Barnaby Joyce, created plenty of comments on social media. The overwhelming majority of people do not want cuts to the ABC.

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