Cathy McGowan: Member for Indi

(Belated) News from 117 Murphy Street - July 15, 2014


The news of 60 jobs being lost at major Wangaratta manufacturer, Bruck Textiles, was a very disappointing end to last week. Cathy had planned to tour the factory on Friday afternoon, to hear how the company had reacted to the recent cut to the Clothing and Household Textile (Building Innovative Capability) scheme. The visit was postponed at lunchtime Friday and a hasty meeting organised at 117 Murphy Street between Cathy and new Australian Textile Mills CEO Geoff Parker. 

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Bruck Textiles workers terminated today must get government support: Cathy McGowan and Tim McCurdy

Independent Member for Indi, Cathy McGowan, and Member for Murray Valley, Tim McCurdy, have expressed her sympathy for the 60 terminated works from Bruck Textile Technologies (BTT), who learnt of their dismissal today at 2pm.

“Our thoughts are with the workers and families at this tough and stressful time,” Ms McGowan.

“These workers will be wondering how they are going to support their families and live, and keep a roof over their heads.”

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