Cathy McGowan: Member for Indi

From youth council chambers to Canberra



When offered a chance to volunteer for a week in the Indi office in Parliament House, I naturally leapt at the opportunity. I’d been a player in the Voice4Indi crusade which had helped drive the great McGowan campaign and claim victory at the election, in addition to continuing my services as a volunteer during the Budget Impact Tour and again in the Wangaratta office, so why not?

Cathy’s volunteer guidebook for Canberra pointed out a few practical hints and tips and included an outline of several roles a volunteer may play during their time. More interestingly, it stressed that no matter how well planned a day may be, its schedule was subject to change at a moment’s notice, so keep on your toes!

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Mansfield ag scholar expands Horizon in Canberra


Horizon Scholar recipient Mikaela Baker attended the 2014 Horizon summit from July 13-16, where 38 scholars from across Australia gathered in Canberra. 

As part of the scholarship Mikaela undertook public speaking exercises to help improve confidence, and also enjoyed a networking dinner where she had the opportunity to talk to industry leaders and voices of the agricultural sector.

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