Cathy McGowan: Member for Indi

Indi Weekly Scoop, April 21

Win for local truckies
Owner-drivers in Indi had a win this week with Cathy supporting the Government’s repeal of the Road Safety Remuneration Tribunal (RSRT). Cathy delivered two speeches in support of the Government Road Safety Remuneration Repeal Bill 2016, which passed in record time in the House and the Senate. There had been strong community support for getting rid of the RSRT in the wake of the controversial Contractor Driver Minimum Payments RSRT Order. Many owner-drivers contacted Cathy calling on her to take action. Cathy is committed to putting Indi first when voting on important legislation, and being a strong advocate for small business. She is proud to represent the many small transport businesses in Parliament. Video and transcripts can be found online.
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Indi Weekly Scoop, April 14


Innovation key to future of ag

The final Ag Innovation Inquiry public hearings finish in Sydney today. Cathy joined colleagues on the House Standing Committee on Agriculture and Industry to listen to the final presentations. The two-day public hearing included a number of presentations from industry stakeholders: staff and research projects from the universities of New England and Sydney, as well as industry organisations, NSW Farmers Association, Mick Keogh from the Australian Farm Institute and Ag Institute. Presentations included innovations in robotics, water use, IT, big data and the need for quality telecommunications throughout regional Australia to support innovation.  The draft report is expected to be released in May. Information can be found online.

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