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90 sec statement - [In]sight: Australia’s regional competitiveness index

Posted November 28, 2014


CATHY McGOWAN (Indi) (13:38): I rise today to tell the House about the value of data produced by the Regional
Australia Institute to support better regions, and policymaking for rural and regional Australia. On Tuesday, I
had the pleasure of attending a breakfast showcasing a wonderful online tool called InSight: Australia’s Regional
Competitiveness Index.

InSight provides data to inform regional decision making. It enables regions to build on their strengths and competitiveness, and it highlights where best efforts can be applied. For example, on Tuesday, I spoke in this House about the Telecommunications Legislation Amendment (Deregulation) Bill 2014 and called for the extension of the universal service obligation to cover mobile services, and data from InSight supports my position.

For example in my electorate of Indi, Wangaratta rates as 396th for mobile coverage out of 624 regional profiles, Wodonga rates at 224th—and these are key regional cities. InSight data tells me that in my shires: Murrindindi rates at 372nd, and Towong rates at 508th. This data can and will be used to support my call for action to increase our regional liveability and competitiveness in the pursuit of greater outcomes for all communities in Indi, and in fact right across regional Australia.

My thanks goes to the CEO, Sue McCluskey, and all at the Regional Australia Institute. Great data and sound research. (Time expired)

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