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90 Sec Statement - Kiewa Valley Primary School

Posted December 02, 2014


CATHY McGOWAN (Indi) (16:17):  In response to a carefully scripted letter from students at Kiewa Valley Primary School, in Tangambalanga, asking me for a new national flag, earlier in November I drove to their school and personally delivered the flag. So, thank you, to Madison Colsen and Nathan Martin. You have undertaken your jobs as flag monitors with distinction.

When I presented the flag I did so under the watchful and proud eyes of Principal Bernie Boulton, your families, classmates and teachers. Your school values were displayed high on the wall: respect, teamwork, honesty, trust, resilience, learning and being your best. At every turn these values were evident.

Kiewa Valley is clearly a proactive school. It has outstanding relationships with stakeholders and the wider community. The school see values in their students being anchored in their local community through the relationships they have built within the community. The school's vision is to guide their students to become active, informed citizens of the world.

I can confirm that these students are well on their way to being informed citizens of the world. They are not afraid to ask questions, proud of their school and communities and proud to have a new national flag. I am really looking forward to welcoming them and showing them around Parliament House on Wednesday.

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