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90 Sec Statement - MIND Art Exhibition, Wangaratta

Posted September 23, 2014



CATHY McGOWAN (Indi) (13:51):  The arts play an integral role in the culture of my electorate of Indi. People having creative outlets is also an important component of mental health and wellbeing in our communities. These health benefits can sometimes be overlooked, but recently I attended an art exhibition that reinforced to me how therapeutic it can be to pick up a paintbrush and put an image to canvas.

Congratulations to the artists who had the courage to be part of the inaugural Art in Mind exhibition at Wangaratta Art Gallery. And thanks to all the friends and families who gave support to the artists and also the 50 people who attended the gathering. These works are very colourful and expressive. The artists who meet at Mind Wangaratta each week deserve praise for their efforts. I hope you are all very proud of the beautiful and inspirational works you have created.

Well done to MIND Australia community mental health practitioner, Darryl Henwood; MIND Australia services manager, Werner Vogels; exhibiting artists Kelly Richards and Nella Messina; and curator Susan Murphy, who did a fantastic job putting it all together—and not to forget to mention Pam Procter (Proctor) for her excellent work. The 'cultural economy' is alive and well in Indi. I am so proud to be a sponsor and supporter of Indi arts, our culture economy and groups such as MIND, who do such a terrific job.

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