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90 sec statement - Red Cross, Eldorado branch member service

Posted September 02, 2014


CATHY McGOWAN (Indi) (13:36):  Representatives of 24 Victorian branches of Red Cross were recently presented with centenary certificates at Government House in Melbourne. Some of these branches were from my electorate of Indi and one, probably the smallest, is from the beautiful goldmining town of Eldorado.

Two of Eldorado's longest-serving members, Mary and Dick West, are now elderly and in poor health. Nevertheless, they managed to attend the Eldorado centenary celebration. Mary, released from the hospital for the afternoon and in her wheelchair, unveiled the memorial dedicated to those from Eldorado who supported the Red Cross from 1914 to 1918.

Mary is a third-generation member of Red Cross.

Her grandmother was one of those who sent food and clothing to soldiers at the front in the First World War. Private Sam Beeby wrote home in November 1916, saying: France was murderous. I received a parcel from the Eldorado Red Cross Society which contained some very useful articles, and which I was very glad to get. I thank them most sincerely for them.

Dick and Mary have received long-service awards from the Red Cross and Dick has also received a 50-year award from the Country Fire Authority. People like Dick and Mary West are the absolute heart of our rural communities. I thank them and organisations like Red Cross for all that they do.

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