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Acknowledging leadership among Indi young people

Posted February 20, 2019


Cathy welcomed the leadership team from Victorian Lutheran College, Wodonga to Parliament House and acknowledged the good work done by young people throughout the electorate, including the inaugural LGBTI ball in Wodonga last weekend.

Ms McGOWAN (Indi) (13:42): Colleagues, I'd like to welcome to Parliament House today some of my electorate's many young leaders, and I'd specifically like a call out to the leadership team at Victory Lutheran College in Wodonga. To Tom, Sophie, Jacob and Chloe, led by the wonderful Mr Wiese, welcome to Parliament House. Colleagues, there is so much good work done by young people in my electorate, and I want to take this opportunity today to honour, acknowledge and thank all the young people, particularly the young leaders in the school but not only in the school. On Saturday night, I had the joyful opportunity to attend the LGBTI inaugural gay ball in Wodonga, organised by our local gay pride group, supported by youth worker Sal Kimber and Indigo Council, a fantastic example of grassroots leadership in my community. Today, I want to say to young people right throughout Indi: I want to honour your commitment, your dedication, your generosity and your kindness. I want to say continue to be leaders. Our country needs you. Our country wants you. I encourage you to sign up, to turn up and to speak up so that, when you're my age, the world that you leave for your grandchildren is significantly better than the one we currently have. Thank you for coming. Please take the message back to your school and your community: leadership is a great and noble profession.

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