Cathy McGowan: Member for Indi

Act now for marriage equality

Indi wants the government to "act now" on marriage equality. That was the message for the parliament today when the Private Members' Bill for marriage equality was debated by its sponsors, Cathy McGowan, Andrew Wilkie, Independent Member for Hobart, and Adam Bandt, Greens Member for Melbourne.

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commented 2016-12-08 13:05:57 +1100
I would like to see a plebiscite as I believe that all people should have the opportunity to be involved in this decision making. We don’t all have to agree but all people should be given the opportunity to have a voice. As it stands there are a lot of people unwilling to express their opinion publicly, especially if they are not “in line with” the louder voices, because they are being called negative names – the louder people who are asking for this change in the name of equality are not allowing or accepting difference of opinion. A plebiscite will settle the issue fairly.
commented 2016-11-21 17:37:45 +1100
Thank you so much Cathy, for speaking for us in Parliament and showing the breadth of support in Indi for same sex marriage – from traditional institutions such as our Anglican Diocese, and our youth. When Parliament can decide on so much more contentious issues than this, I don’t understand why it is so difficult a political pill to swallow.