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Action needed on climate policy

Posted September 12, 2018


Cathy told parliament today about Indi's prototype for renewable energy, bringing down energy prices improving reliability and reducing emissions - Totally Renewable Yackandandah

Ms McGOWAN (Indi) (13:40):  Hey colleagues, my community of Indi desperately wants action on climate change. It's really important for us. We have distributed energy systems that combine reliability, effectiveness in terms of cost and sustainability. We, in Indi, have developed a unique template that can serve the whole of Australia to do all these three.

Let me give you some statistics. Fifty per cent of the Yackandandah population of 1,200 households is on solar power, and 170 of those households are using controlled devices to manage their voltage. We're setting up a community retailer with 650 people signed up. Today in parliament we've got one of the leaders of the community that's helping us do that: the CEO of AusNet Services. Nino, thank you for your work and welcome to parliament.

Last night I attended the ARENA celebrations. I welcomed the new, CEO Darren Miller. In saying welcome to him, I'd also like to acknowledge and thank Ivor for his terrific work. My community is benefitting from an ARENA project and an AusNet project, Mondo, to build mini grids where we can share electricity between communities and between houses. We've got the technology that the Minister for Energy wants so much, so we can do all that. But I say to the government: We in north-east Victoria have demonstrated we can bring prices down, we can improve reliability and we can do something about emissions. We are doing it. Come and join us.

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