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Volunteer - Adrian Twitt

Posted September 22, 2015



Adrian volunteered in Cathy's office in Canberra for the September 14-17 sitting. Read about his thoughts on this exciting experience

1. Tell us about yourself. What's your background?

"I am a retired former teacher in secondary schools whish has included three overseas postings (UK, Canada and Zimbabwe), and have worked in adult education. I have been involved with a variety of organizations in Wangaratta and district over many years, including School Councils, the Wangaratta Centre for Continuing Education, the Wangaratta Art Gallery, Rotary, Landcare, the Wangaratta Uniting Church Council, Oxfam Wangaratta Group, the Murray to Mountains Rail Trail Advisory Committee, and various other committees."

2. Why did you volunteer?

"I have been a political "animal" from an early age, and have run seminars, lectures and workshops in the political arena (I even managed to get Gough Whitlam to speak at one of these in 1972). I am a supporter of Cathy McGowan and her work in Indi, believing that an Independent Member can better represent the electorate and achieve more for our community."

3. What surprised your during your time in Parliament House?

"I am amazed at the variety of activity which an MP can potentially be involved with behind the scenes.  An MP cannot possibly hope to fully represent us in all spheres, which apart from responding to the demands of the electorate, and representing the constituents in the House, there are endless committees, functions, and Friends groups seeking attention, and the hosting of delegations, school groups and others, including the volunteers themselves."

4. What would you say about the Indi way?

"This is grassroots democracy at its best. I received a picture of other parliamentarians being quite envious that Cathy has a band of eager and willing volunteers assisting her in her work."

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