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An Adventure Down the Ovens Valley

Posted July 07, 2013


Cathy took a trip to Myrtleford late last week and here are some words from her trip up the Ovens Valley.

The Ovens Valley is particularly beautiful in early winter. Today there were still a few autumn leaves on the poplar trees, and a light covering of snow on the alps. Colin McCormick was my guide and host as we toured the valley. Beginning in Myrtleford we travelled up the valley to Porepunkah, Bright and the Buckland Valley. Colin has a long history in agriculture and politics. He was the president of TAFCO (a farmers cooperative based in Myrtleford - see footnote.) and more recently he has taken an active role in the horticultural division of the Victorian Farmers Federation. Colin and I worked together on a number of projects when I was NE Victoria regional councillor on the Victorian Farmers Federation Policy Council.

While in Myrtleford I also met with the executive of the Myrtleford Chamber of Commerce and Industry. We talked about the Voice For Indi report and the importance of two way communication between elected parliamentary representatives and community organisations. The executive were particularly interested in being involved in discussions about legislation which would have an impact on their businesses and communities. They thought that the V4i process and social media might be a useful way for doing this.

* TAFCO - Tobacco and Associated Farmers Cooperative is based in Myrtleford. It sells rural merchandise and provides farmer services to the agricultural communities throughout the Ovens, Kiewa and King Valleys of North East Victoria. It's a great organisation with over 500 members, 7 staff and annual turnover in excess of $4million. It is locally owned and all profits go back to the shareholders.  As well as the traditional products TAFCO hosts the V.F.F Horticultural branch, coordinates training and education for members and will advocate on their behalf.


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