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Posted June 23, 2013


Cathy was excited to be involved in the recent developments with Charles Sturt University and GO TAFE.

Access to tertiary education has always been a key issue for young people growing up in the country. As a community representative on the Charles Sturt University (CSU) advisory board since 1999, Cathy has a longstanding interest and involvement with local people having access to quality courses taught within the local environment.

This week Cathy attended the first meeting of the CSU Wangaratta Community Engagement Group. CSU (traditionally a NSW university) has set up a partnership with GO TAFE to provide undergraduate courses in Wangaratta. This is an exciting development because it will mean that students will now have pathways from Diploma and Advanced Diploma courses into Bachelor Degrees. The benefits to Indi will be great as we see the next wave of young people remaining in our communities as they undertake Bachelors in Agriculture Business Management and Wine Business (and a Bachelor in Horticulture and Nursing being offered from next year). Exciting stuff!

Because this initiative requires the best Distance Education technologies, it requires access to quality broadband internet. Just another reason why the NBN is such a key issue for Indi! 

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