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June 30, 2016

Arts to ‘fly’ into the Wodonga CBD

Junction Place will be swarming with fruit flies helping tell community stories in September this year. Independent Member for Indi, Cathy McGowan AO, has welcomed $15,000 in Federal funding from the Regional Arts Fund, towards a significant community arts production, led by the Flying Fruit Fly Circus.

The project, titled JUNCTION, will bring together students from local regional schools, residents of Westmont Aged Care, Flying Fruit Fly Circus artists, The Cube and City of Wodonga Council to create outdoor artworks and storytelling. This will accompany the regional premiere of the Fruit Flies exciting new main-stage show JUNK in September this year.

“This will bring arts to Junction Place with an exciting and innovative project involving people of all ages from across the community,” Ms McGowan said.

Flying Fruit Fly Circus art educators will collect childhood stories from Westmont Aged Care residents who grew up in regional Australia in the 1940s. The stories will form the basis for workshops held over five days. School groups will use objects of junk creatively through puppetry and theatre, create junk sculptures and shadow imagery in Junction Place. This reflects the themes of the new Flying Fruit Fly Circus show JUNK, which will premiere exclusively for the local community at The Cube Wodonga 16-17 September.

Ms McGowan said about 1500 people were expected to participate in the workshops, and experience JUNK and JUNCTION this September.

“Indi matters, it’s a competitive seat and funding continues to flow for important projects,” Ms McGowan said. “The cultural economy is growing each year and is critical to the future of North East Victoria, employing people, providing entertainment and supporting our lifestyle.”

“The role of Arts continues to boost tourism and arts, culture and heritage are viewed as amenities to improve our quality of life and attract people and retain them in the area.”

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