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January 25, 2019

Australia Day Message 2019

Australia Day is an opportunity to celebrate the best of living in rural and regional Australia, and there is no better example than here in Indi.

Indi has a strong culture of communities working together, often voluntarily, for effective outcomes and a better life for everyone. Congratulations to all those receiving Australia Day awards in recognition of their splendid and selfless efforts. A special welcome goes to those becoming new citizens.  Welcome to Indi!

My role is to represent the views of all the people of Indi. In November I celebrated Diwali with the Border’s Indian population and the Indian High Commissioner. On 4 January I attended the Multicultural Harvest Breakfast at the Bhutanese Community Farm in Wodonga.

In the past year, as a member of the committee inquiring into Constitutional Recognition for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, I had the privilege of engaging with indigenous communities across Australia to better understand and represent their views. As we reflect upon Australia Day, these views are particularly important.

I continue to encourage all constituents to write to me with their comments and views on Australia Day, with a commitment that I will forward their correspondence to the Prime Minister.

Communities throughout Indi offer many opportunities for everyone to make a contribution to the quality of our community life.  I take this opportunity to say “thank you” to all who work year round to make Australia such a wonderful place to live.

Enjoy the festivities at the local events around the electorate, and happy Australia Day.

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