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Bright plan for Alpine Events Centre

Posted March 01, 2016


CATHY McGOWAN (Indi) (13:33):  Today I would like to talk about the superbly named town of Bright. I would like to acknowledge the chamber of commerce and thank them for their wonderful hospitality on Wednesday, 17 February. I thank President Tom Smith and his executive and Lisa Grossman for all your great work. I would like to invite all my colleagues to come to Bright for the autumn festival, a 10-day festival taking place at the end of April, and particularly to come to the market, where everything is made, baked or grown within 100 kilometres of Bright. That is on 30 April.

Today I would also like to acknowledge the contribution of the Commonwealth government to Bright in the first round of the National Stronger Regions Fund. For the Alpine Events Centre in Bright, the Commonwealth government provided over $1.87 million, which is going to be matched by the Alpine Shire Council, HVP Plantations, Alpine Community Plantation, United Bright Football and Netball Club and the Alpine Cycling Club. Alpine Shire Director of Assets Charles Bird tells me that over 35 jobs will be created and, upon completion, the events centre will attract over $16.5 million into the shire every year and create up to 70 jobs.

Ian Nicholls, President of the United Bright Football and Netball Club, said the club will benefit, particularly through the development of new clubrooms in the new multipurpose facility. Of special interest to the cycling club is the creation of an underpass connecting the trail network to Pioneer Park. I am so proud to represent Bright in this place. Congratulations, everybody.

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