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Broken Creek Primary School - 150 years, still going strong

Posted May 02, 2016



CATHY McGOWAN (Indi) (16:06): Colleagues, let me tell you about a school in my electorate, Broken Creek Primary School. On Saturday, it celebrated 150 years of continuous education to the people of this fantastic community, just west of Benalla. It was an amazing day. We had 79 past students present, we had 19 current students present and, during the 150 years, over 460 students have been continuously enrolled. It was a fantastic day. Warm congratulations to everybody.

Thank you very much to principal Raye Down for the warm welcome; to president of the council, Erin Lewis; to vice president, Kate O'Duggan, you make a fantastic cup of tea; to the treasurer, Fiona Stow; to the secretary, Anita Sanson; to Brendan Lewis; Hayley Humphries; Darren Humphries; Michelle Button; and to the school business manager, Christine Werner, who did so much of the work.

I have to say, it was a real highlight on this glorious day. The rain had come, the crops were growing and the community was thriving. This school has survived by dint of courage, hard work and persistence, and it is a tribute to the strength of the community, the staff and the vision of the community. It was so lovely, when I arrived, to meet Max Wright. Max was at school in the 1930s and he tells me he is the only student who has gone to school by four transport modes: horse, pushbike, car and finally, on his scooter. Well done, Broken Creek.

IMAGE: Benalla rural City mayor Justin king, Cathy and Broken Creek Primary School principal Raye Down by the windmill commemorating the 150th birthday on Saturday, April 30.


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