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November 21, 2013

Carbon Legislation

Cathy McGowan today reiterated her stance in favour of a market-based approach to climate change.

“During the campaign I was often asked about this issue, and I spoke of my preference for market mechanisms to address climate change,” said McGowan, who holds degrees in science and economics.

“Over the last few weeks I’ve spoken to many constituents, including manufacturers, transport businesses, young people and environmental groups, about the legislation.”

“I understand it’s a contentious issue and that not everyone will agree, but having considered the issues I believe this is the right course of action.”

“The evidence shows us market mechanisms are the most effective and efficient ways to bring down carbon pollution. Having done the research I will be voting against the Government’s repeal of the carbon price legislation.”

McGowan said that while the legislation was likely to pass the house, it would then be sent to the Senate where changes could occur. It would then be send back to the House, where there would be further discussion and possibly another vote.

This week, McGowan met with the Minister for the Environment’s office and received a briefing from the Department about the proposed ‘Direct Action’ policy.

“I’ve asked they consider rural communities like Indi when planning their next steps, and offered to connect them with the many people in Indi who are working to make their businesses more energy efficient. I’ll be following up with them ”

“Regardless of the eventual outcome on this legislation, I will be working for Indi on environmental policy.”

“I’m very proud that many communities in Indi are working on reducing emissions, renewable energy projects and other environmental projects. It’s up to all of us to keep working on these issues.”

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