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Cathy sings the praises of the Wangaratta Jazz and Blues Festival

Posted October 21, 2016


Ms McGOWAN (Indi) (13:55): Colleagues, today I sing the praises of the Wangaratta Jazz and Blues Festival, which is on the last weekend of October. The festival is an international hit with the best of jazz and blues and includes the National Jazz Awards. It drums up around $3 million worth of business for Wangaratta. Its strength is harmonising its national profile with local community. The CBD, King George Gardens, river precinct and Anglican cathedral come alive with the sound of jazz. Homegrown artworks decorate the CBD and visitors are known to tango with the locals through the Home Host program. Residents are thrilled to get discount passes to the performances. Local musicians have the opportunity to perform with James Morrison and other jazz greats. But best of all, I will make a special call-out to Jazzaratta, a community big band that has been fostering the love of jazz and blues in Wangaratta for over twenty years.

If you come to Wang, head south. Come and check us out. Look out for jazz rats: Michael Braendler, Colin Andrews, Ian Wade, Callum Morrison and the rest on the community stage. Congratulations to Paul Squires, Alan Clarke at the Rural City of Wangaratta, the volunteers and all of the Friends of the Festival. I know the recent flood has been a bit of a blue note for planning, but we have pulled through with skill. Head on down the highway; come and join us at Wangaratta on the last weekend of October.

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