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November 06, 2017

Citizenship action a step towards restoring trust

Independent Member for Indi Cathy McGowan welcomes the announcement by the Prime Minister that all parliamentarians will be required to make a declaration clarifying their citizenship on election.

“I applaud the Prime Minister for taking an important step towards restoring trust in the system,” Ms McGowan said.

“As an independent representative, I have called consistently in the last two terms of parliament for good governance and transparent processes.”

Ms McGowan moved a similar resolution in August for Federal Members of Parliaments’ citizenship credentials to be included in the auditable register of members’ interests:

MS MCGOWAN : To move—That this House:
(1) notes that:
(a) the ongoing uncertainty about the citizenship status of Members of the House is undermining the business of the Parliament;
(b) Members are responsible for confirming their citizenship status prior to nominating for election by signing the declaration on the nomination form that they are qualified under the Constitution and the laws of the Commonwealth to be elected; and
(c) there is no current process or requirement for Members to publicly release evidence of their citizenship status; and
(2) amends the resolution relating to the Registration of Members’ Interests so that at (1) (a) the following is added: ‘(iii) the citizenship status of the Member, the Member’s parents and grandparents, and evidence of reasonable steps taken to renounce foreign nationality by the Member’.
(Notice given 15 August 2017. Notice will be removed from the Notice Paper unless called on on any of the next 4 sitting Mondays including 27 November 2017. )

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