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December 06, 2013

Black-spot funding

Cathy McGowan, Federal Member for Indi, today met with the Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Communications, Paul Fletcher to discuss mobile black spots.

“We had a very productive meeting. I briefed Mr Fletcher on the inroads we’re making in Indi towards a collaborative, community based solution to the black-spots which pose such a risk to our region as we approach bushfire season.”

Mr Fletcher confirmed that a discussion paper on the issue would be released shortly.

The meeting follows a large gathering of local governments at Ms McGowan’s office last month to begin collaboration on an electorate wide pitch to secure Commonwealth funding to address the issue.

“The Government are moving at their own pace on this issue but I want to be certain that when the $100m promised by Mr Abbott becomes available, we’ve already done the research and the collaboration and are ready to move on enacting our proposal,” Ms McGowan said.

Ms McGowan provided Mr Fletcher with a copy of the Mansfield Shire’s report Securing our Digital Future and invited him to visit the electorate to learn more about the region’s innovative approach to black-spot reduction.

“I look forward to working closely with Mr Fletcher, as the government’s member in charge of the black-spot policy to find a solution to this problem which has gone unaddressed in our region for too long,”

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