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Contribution of Italian migrants acknolwedged

Posted June 19, 2017


Cathy acknowledged the contribution of Italian migrants to North East Victoria as she praised the recent Myrtleford La Fiera Festival in Parliament.


Ms McGOWAN (Indi) (13:55):  Colleagues, it gives me great pleasure today to talk to you about one of the most lovely things about north-east Victoria—the contribution that our migrant communities has made. Today, I would particularly like to acknowledge the Italian community and the work that they have done in the area around Myrtleford.

I had the enormous pleasure welcoming Italian Ambassador His Excellency Zazo and his wife to Myrtleford a few weeks ago. I would particularly like to thank all the community for gathering as we celebrated La Fiera—'The Fire'. Thank you to the Mayor of Alpine Shire, Councillor Ron Janas, your councillors and staff. To the convener of the festival, John Reynolds-Smith, thank you for your work. Thank you to Kerry Murphy for the terrific job that you do. To Malcolm and Mrs Milne, thank you for hosting the ambassador and his wife. To Michelini Wines, thank you for the work that you did.

Colleagues and friends, what I would particularly like to do today is acknowledge one of the leading lights in my community who has such a close relationship to Italy—that is, the Hon. Tim Fischer. Tim is going to be joining me for dinner tonight with the Italian ambassador. I would like to take this opportunity before the House to thank him for the fantastic job that he has done post being member of the parliament to build relationships between Australia and Italy, and the Vatican, and to keep mentoring young politicians like me to help me do my job. I acknowledge his wife Judy and thank her for her terrific partnership.

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