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Crushing Victory in the Grape Stomp!

Posted June 10, 2013


No rest for Cathy this weekend as she rolled up her trousers and stuck her feet in it at the Rutherglen Winery Walkabout. 

Cathy and the Voice for Indi team had a grape time and won the 2013 Grape Stomp competition by stomping a remarkable 3 litres to the nearest rival’s 1.5 litres.

It was a hard won victory and in typical Cathy style she wanted to share the glory with the rest of the Voice for Indi team.

The Grape Stomp was part of the Winery Walkabout in Rutherglen, an event that brings in an estimated 20,000 people to the region and injects about $2 million into local business.

Growing up in the Rutherglen Wine Region Cathy says that though she has never taken part in the Grape Stomp before, she has been a regular at the Winery Walkabout.

“Though I can’t say I am well acquainted with the art of winemaking, my family grew up in the region and I have been a regular at these events since I was a little girl,” said McGowan.

Congratulations, Cathy and Voice for Indi! And a huge congratulations to Rutherglen and the wineries on another fantastic weekend showcasing another reason why Indi is such a fantastic place for people to visit (not to mention live in!).

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