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Cutting ABC Bush Telegraph a huge mistake

Posted November 24, 2014


CATHY McGOWAN (Indi) (13:58):  The decision to cut Bush Telegraph is a huge mistake. Bush Tele is the major Radio National program covering rural matters and we know that city people care about these issues and they care about rural Australia. It is critical that this rural voice continues to be heard across Australia.

There is a perception that the divide is becoming greater between the metropolitan cities and rural areas—that people living in cities do not relate to their country cousins. We should be building bridges between the city and the country, not getting rid of them. One way this occurs is through programs like Bush Telegraph.

The ABC board needs to ensure rural issues are broadcast to the city. The future of Australia is highly dependent on the work being done in rural and regional Australia—the work being done to successfully produce quality food, clean water, use energy in innovative ways and produce crops like cotton and industrial hemp for clothing material. These stories need to be told and it is vitally important that city people know what is happening in rural Australia.

The government and ABC board need to support programs such as Bush Tele and I call on the government to tell the Australian public what the alternatives will be if Bush Tele is no longer on the airwaves.

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