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Dear Campaign Diary

Posted August 24, 2013


Cathy’s campaign is all about representing the voices of Indi – no surprises there! As you might expect though, there are a number of ‘behind the scenes’ people who’ve been assisting Cathy throughout various stages of the campaign trail. Today, we’d like to share some diary entries from Cathy’s self-appointed ‘guardian angel’ of the past week; Alana. Thanks, Alana!

1. A cold wintery night in Rutherglen. The streets are empty but for a welcoming light glowing from the upper story of an historic building where the local Victorian Farmers Federation have come to talk with Cathy and their Indigo Shire Councilors.

The value of agricultural land, the future viability of farming, mobile phone, black spots, the exodus of young people and broadband are the topics of concern. 

Cathy talks about the common interests of the ‘watershed’ valleys that make up Indi electorate and the need for all the local governments and farming groups and agri business to come together to develop an agricultural plan for the future.



2. All aboard the ‘Cathy’ train! Supporters and media gather at the Wodonga railway station where Cathy greets her cousin Judy Brewer and joins her elderly aunt for a trip down the line. Judy presents Cathy with a copy of husband Tim Fischer’s book ‘Trains Unlimited’. Cathy addresses the press on the need for both federal and state governments to be held account for the continual delays in ensuring a safe and reliable train service to Melbourne. The lives of local residents are impacted everyday as students miss classes, people are late for medical appointments, business people are late for meetings and this has been happening now for seven years. On alighting the train in Benalla, Cathy is greeted by a sea of orange T-shirts and placards and accompanies her Benalla supporters on a town walk to meet local business people and residents.


3. Young people are the life blood of this campaign, the ‘hidden’ factor in the polls and they are coming out in support of Cathy. A visit to a special assembly at Catholic College Wodonga to enthusiastic support from students and staff and the revelation of a YouTube video made by a group of students to encourage the youth vote for Cathy. A young King Valley woman now working in Melbourne organised a gathering of the valley residents at the Whitfield pub. Cathy arrives to an open fire, a good red and crowded room to share stories of community life and rural business.

The young people in Team Cathy share their stories about why they are working for her campaign, what they are wanting from their Indi representative and their vision for the future. The older generation applaude in awe of their skill and knowledge, knowing they are our future.


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