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FAQs for Election Day

September 06, 2013 4:29 PM

Why should I vote for Cathy?

  • Cathy is an Independent and can stand up for local issues.  She will fix the train line, fix mobile blackspots, get the best NBN, and stand up for our communities to get a better deal for Indi.

  • Cathy has committed to bringing respect back to politics. She will be a true representative of Indi by consulting with communities

What are Cathy’s key policies?

  • For too long, Indi has missed out on key funding, infrastructure and services. Cathy will fight for communities in our region to secure
  • Efficient and effective Infrastructure: transport and broadband.  
  • Improvement rural services: health and education.
  • Innovative business: agriculture, food production and small business.

Who is Cathy preferencing?

  • Cathy is an independent and will not be doing deals with other candidates. She is leaving preferences up to voters. Put Cathy number 1 on the ballot paper and number all the other boxes however you would like.

“Independents will have no power.”

  • Independent MPs in the last Parliament negotiated funding for hospitals and health services equivalent to six times that which we received in Indi.

  • If Indi is marginal both major parties will invest in our electorate to win in Indi back.

  • Independents can stand up for local issues because they aren’t bound by party policy.

Independents create chaos/ instability

The challenge of an independent has already brought more funding promises and attention to indi than ever before. Independents are not always effective,  but in this time, at this place, an independent is desperately needed to bring get the services, infrastructure and support we have missed out on.

Where does Cathy stand on:

Climate change: Cathy accepts that global warming is occurring as a result of human activity.  This is the position of both major parties.  Cathy supports a market based approach to reduce carbon emissions.  This should occur alongside further research into carbon reduction technologies.

Marriage Equality- Cathy supports equal rights for same sex couples to marry.

Asylum seekers - Cathy will work to take immigration out of the political debate and sort out a cross-party approach that can work long-term.  

Who will Cathy support if there is a hung Parliament?

This election, the likelihood of a hung parliament is very slim. Both parties have said that in the case of a hung parliament, they will not negotiate with independents but go back to another election.

Does Cathy support the supermarket Duopoly?

No. Cathy is a small business owner and farmer, and understands the problems the present supermarket duopoly causes. Cathy fully supports small food retailers and a well regulated, competitive, marketplace.She regularly shops at her local Foodworks in Yackandandah and grows her own veggies.

Un-mitta-mitta-gated success!

September 05, 2013 11:15 AM

Another beautiful day in Indi!

The day kicked off at a Youth Engagement Breakfast at the Rubix Cafe in Wodonga. We had a great turnout of 25 coming from Wangaratta, Wodonga and surrounding areas. Cathy shared her visions for improved public transport, better mobile phone coverage, marriage equality, a national concession card, and local sustainability initiatives. 


Soon after, the tech-savvy Indi Expats got together to discuss the day ahead:


Planning continued at the Wodonga Office: 


First exciting news of the day came as a Border Mail poll put Cathy’s support at 67.5%:


By 10:30am we took the Indi-VanTM for spin out to Mitta Mitta. We passed by the brimming Hume Weir, complete with dairy cows and waterfowl.

After popping by the caravan park and golf course, we arrived at our final destination the Mitta Mitta Pub. 

We were greeted by a swathe of locals and classic country charm. The pub’s renovations certainly do bring a whole new life to the place!

We dined on delicious pub meals and enjoyed a cheeky midday brew. 

And then, to politics! 


Issues such as transport, broadband and better mobile network coverage were important concerns raised by residents. Did you know that Mitta Mitta does not receive any local television coverage, but instead receives satellite TV from central Australia? As one local quipped- “we know all the local news from Alice Springs and know when all the good sales in Tenant Creek are on!” Accepting refugees into our community was also important issue to locals, and Cathy pointed to Indi’s strong history of accepting and welcoming migrants. 

Cam and Maggie: Always busy lining up the next interview!


As we drove out of town Cathy supporters were busy putting up core flutes on their fence posts – what a great feeling of support coming out of the beautiful Towong Shire!


Cathy headed back into Wodonga for a few interviews with local media, before sitting down to a relaxed afternoon tea with local indigenous leaders from the Indi community. 


Another great day on the campaign trail. 

Bountiful Mt Beauty

August 28, 2013 8:21 PM

Welcome to the #indispring! Daffodils are in flower, the wattle and cherry trees are blossoming, the verdant grass is totally lush, the sun is shining in beautiful North East fashion, and more people are showing support for Team Cathy everyday! The excitement is TRULY infectious! Conditions ripe for a bountiful Mt Beauty jaunt.


Today Cathy and the IndiVan™ travelled down the mighty Kiewa Valley to meet the local community for a coffee and a chat at the wonderful Seasons Cafe in the main street of Mt Beauty. Cam of Mt Beauty Drapery & Hardware Store fame dropped down to show his support, and to share his ideas for local business.

Coffee at Seasons, Mt Beauty

We even ran into old mate Rod Quantock in the hardware store, who was off to share his knowledge of the history of mathematics with the Mt Beauty High School kids. 


We chatted to some local mothers who voiced their support and suggested regrouping with a ‘mother’s policy platform’ once Cathy is elected (check out the Mt Beauty Mama’s blog here - mountbeautymama.blogspot.com - for more!)

Issues such as local business, tourism, the environment, climate change, trade and transport were clearly of importance for Mt Beauty residents, who were also interested to hear how Cathy could represent their interests as a local, and as an independent.

Next off we headed down to the local Aged Care facility, Kiewa House, where some very impressive staff gave us a tour of a the facility, introduced us to the residents, and shared some issues that they would like addressed by their representative. Of particular concern is that the hospital receives an influx of up to 3000 patients during the ski season and throughout the year who are not publicly funded to receive care. Patients thus often choose to be ‘patched up’ and then move on to Wodonga where they can receive free hospital care. The right of elderly people to vote, patient transport, and understaffing were also hot topics.

After a sandwich at the local bakery and few more chats with local business people, Cathy headed off to the Bogong Horseback Adventures to meet Kath Baird and her sons Lin and Clay, who together run trips on horseback around the beautiful Victorian High Plains. Lin and Clay both moved back home after studying in Melbourne and travelling the world, to contribute their new skills and reinvigorate the family business. With the help of a Commonwealth government grant, the Bairds are employing local craftsmen to build ecological, five star accommodation, complete with mountain vistas, horseshoe chandeliers and limestone walls that feature real life fossils and graffiti remnants from the days the bricks enjoyed life as a trendy inner-city-Richmond wall. 


Kath and her boys plied us with scones and tea and spoke with Cathy and the Border Mail about the importance of Commonwealth funding for vital tourism projects such as theirs, the need for fast and effective broadband solutions, and the absence of direct and efficient public transport options from major hubs such as Albury and Wodonga.


What a wonderful day on the campaign trail! See you on the road!


Q. Why should I vote independent?

August 27, 2013 5:01 PM

A.  The electorates represented by independents in the last parliament received 3.9% of health funding despite only having 2.1% of the population. That’s almost double the average national funding – because they have representatives who work to get results for their people.  It’s time the people of Indi received their fair share of federal funding. As an independent, working only for Indi, Cathy McGowan will take this fight to the Government.

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Q. Do you support a supermarket duopoly?

August 27, 2013 3:30 PM

 A.  No.  I fully support diversity in competition, not only for food retailing, but across all sectors.  Small local supermarkets and grocers are a vital part of the supply chain in rural areas and we need them for our farmers and communities.

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Dear Campaign Diary

August 24, 2013 12:21 PM

Cathy’s campaign is all about representing the voices of Indi – no surprises there! As you might expect though, there are a number of ‘behind the scenes’ people who’ve been assisting Cathy throughout various stages of the campaign trail. Today, we’d like to share some diary entries from Cathy’s self-appointed ‘guardian angel’ of the past week; Alana. Thanks, Alana!

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Creating a buzz in Benalla

August 17, 2013 4:16 PM

The days are flying by until September 7 and Cathy has been making every one of them count by continuing to canvass the electorate for support! Earlier this week, Cathy left home while it was still dark and traveled though the pouring rain down the Hume to beautiful Benalla.

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On the Campaign Trail with Cathy

August 16, 2013 12:09 PM

Cathy is a persistent campaigner and Wednesday was no different. The first activity was a visit to Wodonga’s St Stephens Church and Uniting Care to talk about welfare issues facing residents in this region. Access to food is a major issue. Uniting Care,  to June this year, has already distributed over 96,000 meals.

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Launch for Indi

August 10, 2013 6:11 PM

Sunday saw the highlight of Cathy’s campaign so far: the campaign launch! Over 400 supporters gathered at The Cube in Wodonga in a sea of orange. It was incredibly gratifying for both Cathy and her team to be able to present their hard work gathered from the kitchen table conversations about what matters to Indi and formally announce her policies to a very enthusiastic crowd.

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Forging paths for Indi's future

August 08, 2013 8:30 PM

“The future is not some place we are going to, but one we are creating. The paths are not to be found, but made, and the activity of making them, changes both the maker and the destination.”

This week, John Schaar’s above quote took on a special significance for Cathy as she participated in meetings for towns who were affected by the 2009 bush fires. Having facilitated initial meetings for Myrtleford, Kinglake and Marysville to discuss the rebuilding of the towns, it was inspiring for Cathy to see how far these communities have come.

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