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Direct Action vote 2014

Posted June 30, 2014


On Wednesday 26 June 2014 I voted in support of the Government’s Direct Action Plan.  Since then, my office has received several emails and telephone calls from constituents concerned that I no longer support policy that curbs climate change and encourages renewable energy.

We need to tackle climate change and I continue to believe that market based mechanisms are the most efficient way to price carbon and reduce emissions. I want to see an ETS. I want to see an increase in the use of renewable energy and energy efficient technologies. I want to see an increase to the Renewable Energy Target. I want to work with the Government, the Opposition and the cross-benchers to introduce an ETS.

I am committed to working with the government of the day and as such chose to support the Direct Action Plan. The plan, while not perfect, will provide an injection of money into communities to enable and support changes at a local level.

I am a supporter of direct action and a supporter of market intervention. By introducing both polices and creating an environment of bipartisanship on these matters, Australia can start to embrace innovation and future thinking. We can strive to be world leaders in climate change policy

I hope this has shed some insight into why I choose to vote in support of the Direct Action Plan. I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas for how to create an atmosphere of change locally, nationally and globally. 

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