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FAQs for Election Day

Posted September 06, 2013


Why should I vote for Cathy?

  • Cathy is an Independent and can stand up for local issues.  She will fix the train line, fix mobile blackspots, get the best NBN, and stand up for our communities to get a better deal for Indi.

  • Cathy has committed to bringing respect back to politics. She will be a true representative of Indi by consulting with communities

What are Cathy’s key policies?

  • For too long, Indi has missed out on key funding, infrastructure and services. Cathy will fight for communities in our region to secure
  • Efficient and effective Infrastructure: transport and broadband.  
  • Improvement rural services: health and education.
  • Innovative business: agriculture, food production and small business.

Who is Cathy preferencing?

  • Cathy is an independent and will not be doing deals with other candidates. She is leaving preferences up to voters. Put Cathy number 1 on the ballot paper and number all the other boxes however you would like.

“Independents will have no power.”

  • Independent MPs in the last Parliament negotiated funding for hospitals and health services equivalent to six times that which we received in Indi.

  • If Indi is marginal both major parties will invest in our electorate to win in Indi back.

  • Independents can stand up for local issues because they aren’t bound by party policy.

Independents create chaos/ instability

The challenge of an independent has already brought more funding promises and attention to indi than ever before. Independents are not always effective,  but in this time, at this place, an independent is desperately needed to bring get the services, infrastructure and support we have missed out on.

Where does Cathy stand on:

Climate change: Cathy accepts that global warming is occurring as a result of human activity.  This is the position of both major parties.  Cathy supports a market based approach to reduce carbon emissions.  This should occur alongside further research into carbon reduction technologies.

Marriage Equality- Cathy supports equal rights for same sex couples to marry.

Asylum seekers - Cathy will work to take immigration out of the political debate and sort out a cross-party approach that can work long-term.  

Who will Cathy support if there is a hung Parliament?

This election, the likelihood of a hung parliament is very slim. Both parties have said that in the case of a hung parliament, they will not negotiate with independents but go back to another election.

Does Cathy support the supermarket Duopoly?

No. Cathy is a small business owner and farmer, and understands the problems the present supermarket duopoly causes. Cathy fully supports small food retailers and a well regulated, competitive, marketplace.She regularly shops at her local Foodworks in Yackandandah and grows her own veggies.

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