Local, Independant and Effective

A Final Push

It's the last weekend of the campaign and we've time for one last push - a push for the final 2% of primary votes that will get us across the line on September 7.  The orange army is on the move with almost 450 volunteers hard at work: walking the streets, manning the booths, and organising from offices in Wangaratta, Wodonga, Benalla, and Alexandra.  We've got the electorate covered!  But we're not quite there yet.  Last week's ReachTEL poll had us at 23.5% of the primary vote, and we need to scrape a few more primary votes off the incumbent's 43.5% primary vote to get across the line.  This weekend we'll be out on the streets door-knocking and letter-boxing, performing supermarket musical gigs, touring the towns in green utes with speakers attached, making flags and stamps, and posting letters.  And after the work it's time to let down the hair and celebrate one of the most successful campaigns of this election.  Events in both Wangaratta and Wodonga on Saturday night give us a chance to share the stories of the day and hear what others have been up to.  Events are listed below so don't miss out!  If you've got something happening that isn't listed please add it.




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