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Forging paths for Indi's future

Posted August 08, 2013


“The future is not some place we are going to, but one we are creating. The paths are not to be found, but made, and the activity of making them, changes both the maker and the destination.”

This week, John Schaar’s above quote took on a special significance for Cathy as she participated in meetings for towns who were affected by the 2009 bush fires. Having facilitated initial meetings for Myrtleford, Kinglake and Marysville to discuss the rebuilding of the towns, it was inspiring for Cathy to see how far these communities have come.

When Myrtleford, Kinglake and Marysville were first affected by the devastating fires of 2009, the Victorian Bushfire Appeal Fund contracted Cathy to facilitate a series of community meetings geared towards the rebuilding of these resilient communities. Four years later, a lot has changed for both the towns and their people. One of the particularly pleasing outcomes has been the development of the Rivers and Rangers Community Leadership Program: an organisation that aims to encourage, inspire, and empower our current and future leaders to make a positive contribution within their community. Cathy has been involved in meetings and briefing sessions over the past two weeks in Marysville, King Lake and Alexandra to hear of the plans to roll out this Community Leadership Program in 2014.

Community Leadership programs have been very successful in Victoria. They are not about teaching people how to do what they already know, rather they polish the skills of emerging leaders in our communities and encourage them to take the next step. Many of the graduates of these programs are now taking leadership roles in many organisations across the electorate; in CFA, in local government in many, many NGOs as well as school and hospital boards.

It’s a delight for Cathy to work with the graduates of this leadership program as she travels around the electorate. The Rivers and Ranges Community Leadership Program has a very important task ahead of it to support current leaders, encourage new leaders and to bring to our communities a conversation around what modern 21st century leadership looks like in rural communities. They are the ones who are forging the paths towards a stronger, vibrant and empowered Indi.

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