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Posted September 18, 2017


My question following the first public hearing of the inquiry into regional development and decentralisation: What has government done well to develop the labour force for the regions, particularly Indi? To communicate the strengths of the regions? What could it do better? Join the conversation on Facebook.

Indi has great examples of workforce development in our TAFEs, universities, NETracks LLEN and NELLEN, and the Alpine Valleys Dairy Pathways Project. 

At the public hearing the Committee heard how:

  • The NSW Department of Agriculture decentralised to Orange, with more than 700 people employed. This was pivotal for the development of many associated agribusinesses. The department works right across the community, with roots into many community networks including women’s and young people’s networks, providing training and grants.
  • There is no need to reinvent the wheel, as the local knowledge of how to do regional development well already exists. Regional Development Australia Central West has published a book full of case studies of success stories.
  • In order to promote workforce development, the regions’ strengths must be communicated to people who might want to relocate. What education and transport services are there? What housing is available? What is the lifestyle like?
  • It’s important for all levels of government - local, state and federal levels - to work together.

The transcript of the hearing will be available here in due course.

- Cathy

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