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Government, be consistent, give MPs time to consult with communities

Posted June 22, 2015


CATHY McGOWAN (Indi) (12:29): I have two comments I would like to make in relation to this Social Services Legislation Amendment (Fair and Sustainable Pensions) Bill 2015. The first is a call from my constituency for the government to please be consistent and to stop changing the goalposts. The people who come into my office say it is really hard to manage their affairs in the long term if the government keeps changing the rules and shifting the goalposts.

Minister, there are a number of ministerials coming in your direction in the near future putting that into writing. This is a heartfelt call, as people try to get their affairs in order for the long term, for some bipartisanship and consistency. That is the first of my requests today.

The second is I would like to comment on the process from last week. Minister, it is really important for me to consult with my constituents on how I vote. When changes are made without any reference to the crossbench or any discussion with us about changes to legislation, as happened last week, it causes enormous confusion in my community. I beg, plead and ask you, as far as possible, to give notice to the crossbenchers when changes are made, and give us a chance to go back to our communities and consult with them, particularly on important legislation like those before the House today. Thank you.

Question agreed to.

Honourable members interjecting—

A division having been called and the bells having been rung—

The DEPUTY SPEAKER:  No members were robbed of any time. We started the new call after the bells rang. The question now is that this bill, as amended, be agreed to.

The House divided. [12:36]

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