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February 26, 2014

Government called to action on Agriculture during Amendment debate

Federal Member for Indi calls on Government to present clear vision for Agricultural sector

CATHY McGowan spoke about Indi’s innovative dairy industry today whilst debating the Primary Industries (Excise) Levies Amendment (Dairy Produce) Bill.

Ms McGowan spoke on three topics: her interest in the dairy industry, the Mitta Valley ‘Our Valley, Our Future’ project, and a call to the Government for action.

“Agriculture and food production is central to the past, the present and the future of Indi, and dairy is an essential part of our food-manufacturing future,” said Ms McGowan.

“My region of Victoria is one of Australia's most productive dairy regions.

“Farms are smaller, but they carry more cows and produce more milk than the national average.

“The high level of productivity is due to our wonderful climate, our reliable water, and our proximity to fodder- and grain-growing regions—plus the enterprise of our farming communities.”

Ms McGowan went on to praise the work of the ‘Our Valley Our Future’ project and the Alpine Valley Future Pathways project, both community driven projects aiming to grow communities and dairy industry in Indi.

“The ‘Our Valley Our Future’ project is a community-driven project that will have significant positive impacts on the future growth and wellbeing of the Mitta Valley communities,” said Ms McGowan.

In speaking about the Alpine Valley Dairy Pathways project Ms McGowan said the following:

“The aim of the Alpine Valleys Dairy Pathways project is to make a significant contribution to local jobs and wealth creation in the Alpine Valleys. It is working with farmers and communities in the valleys to create a future for dairy that young people and their families will want to be part of.”

Ms McGowan reiterated her election commitments in order to have them recorded in Hansard.

These can be found at http://www.cathymcgowan.com.au/policies.

Ms McGowan concluded with a call to action.

“As a Parliament we have an obligation to set in place a policy operating environment that supports, enables and encourages the future of agricultural production and food manufacturing in Australia,” Ms McGowan said.

“As a government, as a parliament and as representatives of our people, we need to support, encourage and grow agricultural research, development and extension in Australia.

“RD&E is vitally important for our future. I say to my colleagues—to those opposite in particular—that it is not enough to complain, to blame and to describe the problem.

“It is time to use the combined knowledge, skills, experience and commitment that we have heard demonstrated over the last two days in talking about this bill.

“My call to the government benches is: put your words into practice.

“We need a strategic approach. We need clear budgets and time lines. We need a vision for the future of agricultural production, agricultural manufacturing and agricultural communities in Australia, and I look forward to working with you to implement that.”

Ms McGowan is supporting the Bill.

Visit here for a full transcript or here to view the video.


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