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July 06, 2015

Government plan for future of Australian agriculture arrives

Independent Member for Indi, Cathy McGowan AO, has welcomed the release of the Government’s Agricultural Competitiveness White Paper. The Paper will detail the Government’s policy commitments and long-term strategy to increase competitiveness, profitability, investment and jobs in the sector.

“The Paper has been eagerly awaited. Its release is a positive step in identifying what’s needed for agriculture and food production in Australia to have a sustainable future,” Ms McGowan said.

The Issues Paper provided farmers and stakeholders in Indi an important opportunity to input to the White Paper.

“Thanks to everyone for making submissions to the Paper. It is important the views of regional Australia were considered,” she said.

“Indi’s farmers and food producers are well placed to meet growing demand for clean, green Australian produce.”

Ms McGowan was pleased more money has been allocated to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission to tackle issues in the sector; however increased funding is also required to build vital infrastructure for supporting food production expansion.    

“I support the call for further investment in freight rail and telecommunications infrastructure, particularly to address mobile phone coverage in areas of most need,” she said.

Ms McGowan will seek feedback from the agricultural sector in Indi on how the Paper will impact the sector in the North East.     

“I will take up any concerns farmers and stakeholders have when Parliament resumes in August,” Ms McGowan said.

Information about the Agricultural Competitiveness White Paper can be found at the Government’s website.

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