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August 13, 2018

Granya mobile phone tower already making a difference

Federal Independent Member for Indi Cathy McGowan has praised the Granya community, Towong Shire Council and state and federal governments for working together to improve mobile phone coverage for the local area.

Granya resident and Towong Shire deputy mayor David Wortmann was a main driver for securing a new tower. He said the increased mobile phone coverage would have far-reaching benefits beyond the immediate Granya area.

“Mt Granya is the second highest mountain in Towong Shire. The tower is already making a difference to people in Granya but also to those who live further out in places like Georges Creek and Talgarno,” Cr Wortmann said.

“There are people in the area who run businesses from their homes and they really appreciate the extra coverage. There are also the obvious benefits to the community of improved safety during emergencies and better communications for our elderly population.

Ms McGowan celebrated the new tower with locals at the Granya Community Hall this morning.

“The new tower will help people enjoy better telecommunications in their daily lives and will increase the business opportunities for the local area,” Ms McGowan said.

The mobile phone tower is one of 38 funded under the Mobile Black Spot Programme. Regional telecommunications are among Ms McGowan’s top priorities for the remainder of the parliamentary term.

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