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Hansard Transcript - Alexandra Truck, Ute & Rod Show, Alexandra Quilters Exhibition

Posted June 17, 2014


CATHY McGOWAN (Indi) (16:01):  On Saturday (June 7) I had the pleasure of being in Alexandra to enjoy the hospitality of the Alexandra Quilters and the Alexander Truck Ute and Rod Show. The Queen's birthday weekend showcases Indi at its best, and this year was no exception—glorious weather, big crowds and terrific community events. 

Craft thrives in Indi, in the wonderful communities. On the weekend the Alexandra Quilters exhibition celebrated 30 years of stitching pearls in Alexandra. How pleased I was that Denise Fiddes, the secretary; Margaret Rae, Murrindindi mayor; and Jill Olive were my hosts, pointing out the intrinsic details of these magnificent quilts.

And the truck show! What a treat. There were more than 12,000 people, 40 trade stalls, 100 trucks, 30 rods and 75 utes, all from a community of only 2,500 people. Quality entertainment was provided by Greg Champion from the ABC Coodabeens. Special mention to Gordon, Andrew, Steve, Damon, Colin, Stu, Aidan, Sarah, Johnno, Meg, Bruce and Mark.

Well done, Alexandra. The highlights I would like to mention in closing were the unveiling of the Victorian Truck Drivers Memorial and foundation.

Special mention to Telstra for supplying a COW. A COW is a cell on wheels, and it was used to solve the ongoing problem in Indi experienced during festivals of the overload of the mobile phone system. Thanks, team Telstra. Well done.

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