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Volunteer Helen Twitt

Posted September 22, 2015



Helen volunteered in Cathy's office in Canberra for the September 14-17 sitting. Here's her thoughts on the exciting experience.

1. Tell us about yourself. What's your background?

"Retired secondary teacher with experience teaching in Zimbabwe. Long-time Wangaratta resident and community volunteer with the Uniting Church, Oxfam, Landcare, Friends of the Hospital, and Inner Wheel."

2.  Why did you volunteer?

"To take advantage of an opportunity not usually available to people to learn more about the Parliamentary process and the Indi Way.  Want to support Cathy as her politics is so focussed on the people, communities and economy of Indi. I like her respectful approach."

3.  What surprised you during your time in Parliament House?

"Cathy is attracting volunteers without association with Indi.

The Federation Chamber and its role.

The number of Friends groups, committees and organisations that run events, information sessions and meetings within the Parliament.

Friendliness and professionalism of all in the corridors, functions, etc.

Amount of time Cathy spends with volunteers; visitors, both from within Indi and further afield; and school groups.  Cathy has a commendable focus on youth.

The focus on work as usual even when radical change is occurring – a new Prime Minister on our first day and we were hardly aware that it was happening."

4. What would you say about the Indi Way?

"The Indi Way of listening to all, valuing all, being open and honest, treating all fairly and courteously is very evident and something Cathy and her team, rightfully, take great pride in.  It makes me proud to be a supporter, and encourages me to influence others to respect Cathy and the great work she is doing."


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