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November 10, 2015

Honouring Indi veterans on Remembrance Day 2015

Service to country, duty to family and community, and courage to fight for a better world, are values that remain relevant today. These values will be widely recognised across the North East as communities mark the 97th anniversary of the end of World War I.

Ms McGowan will attend the National Remembrance Day at the Australian War Memorial at 11am to acknowledge the military service of her grandfather and great-uncles. Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla will be among the dignitaries attending the service.

One minute’s silence at 11am on November 11 marks the signing of the armistice to cease fighting on the Western Front in 1918.

Ms McGowan said Australia’s armed forces had been well served by the participation of dedicated servicemen and servicewomen from Indi. This commitment continues to be noted and honoured by RSLs across the electorate.

“As I have travelled the electorate during this Centenary Year of Anzac, I have seen the great sense of pride and acknowledgement that rural communities have for those who lost their lives, or were injured physically and psychologically, defending our country,” Ms McGowan said. 

The Centenary of ANZAC has been a way of more than 20 local RSLS and organisations honouring the sacrifices made in World War I. Ms McGowan said the Federal Government’s ANZAC Centenary Local Grants Program had provided $125,000 for projects valued about $200,000.

“Thanks to the community support and in-kind donations these projects have very successful in adding to the local military history on display in towns across Indi,” Ms McGowan said.

The Spirit of ANZAC Centenary Experience beginning its Australian two-year tour in Wodonga had also helped acknowledge the military history of the North East.

“The push for establishing the Spirit of ANZAC Centenary Experience in Wodonga on a permanent basis has my full support,” Ms McGowan said.



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