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March 07, 2016

Indi gas connection made in Canberra

A visit to Canberra by a senior Elgas official has sparked a gas pricing and account review in Indi for rural consumers. Elgas manager corporate affairs Warring Neilsen connected with Independent Member for Indi, Cathy McGowan AO, in response to her visit to the Mansfield Shire on February 18 this year.

In a speech following the visit, Ms McGowan told Parliament about the concerns people in Bonnie Doon had with the quality of gas being supplied to the area. Ms McGowan’s comments were picked up via social media coverage of the speech.

This week Mr Nielsen contacted Ms McGowan’s office and organised a meeting in Canberra to discuss distribution in rural areas, customer service and quality issues and pricing.

Ms McGowan said this was an example of a local issue being addressed effectively at the national level. Through the concerns of Bonnie Doon constituents being raised in Parliament, Mr Neilsen has resolved to take action to get issues solved. 

“A commitment has been made to me to reviewing customer concerns about accounts and connections which could be account for the poor quality being reported,” she said. “This meeting will benefit gas consumers in all small rural towns in Indi.”

Ms McGowan said a pricing review would occur and she would inform the electorate when the review was completed.

Please contact Elgas manager corporate affairs Warring Neilsen with further issues on 02 8094 3205.

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