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June 14, 2017

Indi manufacturers need relief from energy price hikes

Independent Member for Indi Cathy McGowan has pressed the government to identify immediate measures to assist manufacturers facing escalating energy costs.

Citing Australian Textile Mills’ 141 per cent increase in energy costs and an electricity bill leap of $1 million in one year for D&R Henderson Benalla, Ms McGowan asked Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull in Question Time:

“What will the Government do to address the immediate impacts of ballooning energy costs and the demand for renewables?”

Ms McGowan said with more than 20,000 people in Indi employed in the manufacturing sector, the potential loss of jobs was a very real threat.

The Finkel review provides an opportunity to deliver long term energy security, but Ms McGowan said short term measures would be needed to provide relief for the manufacturing sector in the interim.

“While I’m encouraged that the Prime Minister understood the need for immediate relief for gas prices, specific measures need to be taken now to increase industry and community confidence and investment,” Ms McGowan said.

“Australian Textile Mills are playing their part in a sustainable energy future by investing heavily in technology to improve efficiency in its energy use. They and other manufacturers need the government to partner with them while they weather the transition.”

Ms McGowan said the burgeoning community energy sector must be an important short and long term consideration.

“Community energy projects provide opportunities for local industry to reduce energy costs and provide benefits to the wider community,” Ms McGowan said.

“The Parliament has an opportunity to set the path of energy policy for the future. In the meantime I look forward to working with the government to provide relief for manufacturers, particularly in Indi, to ensure they can be a part of it.”

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