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Indi Venturers venture to Canberra

Posted November 10, 2015



CATHY McGOWAN (Indi) (13:38): Colleagues, we all know that rural communities and communities in general thrive because of the work of volunteers. I am delighted to welcome to Parliament House today some wonderful volunteers from Indi, members of Venturer groups 1st Baranduda, 3rd Wodonga and 1st Bright. Welcome everybody and thank you for your company.

Supported by adults Andrew, Brendan, Maree and Tina, they have made the big trip to Canberra. They have been hosted by the Sea Scouts of Lake Burly Griffin and paraded with them last night and they are camping in the scout hall down by the lake. They also visited Government House and the War Memorial yesterday where three of the Venturers, Erin, Tim and Maddie, were invested and Adam had the pleasure of laying a wreath.

They have lots to discuss today including the voting age, access to credit and debit cards for young people and particularly we have been talking about renovation of the Baranduda scout hall. I thank you, young people, for the work you do in your community. We know you make a huge difference and this parliament is very grateful for the role young people play in rural and regional Australia. Thank you for coming today and sharing your time with us. We wish you well in your exams and in your leadership journey ahead. I would particularly encourage my colleagues to offer their support to Venturer Scouts and to Senior Venturers in the work that they do. Thank you.

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