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Indi Weekly Scoop - Collector's Edition - September 26, 2014

Posted September 26, 2014



Welcome to the first publication of the Indi Weekly Scoop! The name of Cathy’s weekly update has been changed to reflect the fact the news emanates from four offices, not just 117 Murphy Street.   

In this inaugural edition you’ll find:

  • Indi NBN information
  • speech topics
  • parliament news
  • community and constituent representation
  • RIRDC Rural Women’s Award winners 

A major lesson for Cathy was learning how much more there is to be done to improve internet services in Indi. In Question Time on Wednesday, Cathy sought broadband coverage information for Indi from Minister for Communications, Malcolm Turnbull. The Minister outlined results from the Broadband Quality and Availability survey (see figures below) and Cathy will keep fighting for the priority areas in Indi to be upgraded.

Residents from various parts of Indi have been contacting Cathy’s office to inform her they have lost digital TV reception for local channels, Prime and WIN. Cathy raised the issue with Mr Turnbull and his office requested that details of complaints and phone numbers be passed to the Department. Cathy will write to Mr Turnbull asking whether additional repeaters can be installed in areas where the signal is not strong enough to reach households.  

Cathy made six speeches in Parliament this week. Cathy told Parliament the impact of proposed Civil Aviation Safety Authority regulations would have on volunteer organisation Angel Flight. The additional redtape and financial burden could see this charity go under. In another speech, Cathy highlighted the trouble Victorian medical students graduating at interstate universities have gain intern positions at Victorian hospitals. Cathy called on Minister for Health, Peter Dutton, to investigate this system to create a fairer pathway for young medical students starting their career.  

Focusing on the excellent work happening in the Indi community and local education, Cathy congratulated everyone involved with recent MIND Art Exhibition in Wangaratta, and the annual Dederang Primary School fundraiser. She also praised Prime 7’s work bringing news and local content to the North East in the past 50 years.  

Mansfield’s Julie Aldous (pictured with Cathy and Voices for Indi president Alana Johnson) was in the running for the Rural Industries Research Development Corporation (RIRDC) Rural Women’s Award, presented on Wednesday evening in Parliament House. On Thursday, Cathy acknowledged the seven state and territory winners, including Julie, and congratulated winner Pip Job from NSW and runner-up Jackie Jarvis. Nominations for the 2015 Rural Women's Award close on 30 October 2014 and you can nominate a worthy candidate by calling 02 6271 4132 or email rwa@rirdc.gov.au.

Next week Cathy returns to Canberra for another busy week of lobbying and meeting with key people in Parliament. Keep an eye on Facebook and Twitter for speeches and news out of Parliament.

Broadband Access and Quality Survey

The electorate of Indi overlaps with about 115 separate Exchange Service Areas.

  • Indi overlaps with approximately 832 Distribution Areas (DAs)
  • Approximately 73,000 premises are located within these 832 DAs.
  • ADSL is available in approximately 71 per cent of these DAs, although 6 per cent of DAs have very poor ADSL access.
  • FTTP services are available in 13 DAs and cover approximately 500 premises.
  • While majority (93 per cent) of premises in the electorate of Indi are in areas that can access a mobile broadband service, coverage is limited in approximately 22 per cent of premises (ie less than 40 per cent of premises within an area can access a mobile broadband service)

Fixed Broadband Availability

  • Approximately 49,000 premises (66 per cent) are in areas where 80-100 per cent of premises have access to at least one fixed broadband technology and receive an A Availability rating. This proportion is below the national level of 80 per cent or premises being located in areas that receive an A Availability rating. 
  • A smaller percentage are found in three of the remaining categories with the largest of these being 11,000 premises (15 per cent) are located in areas where less than 20 per cent of premises have access to at least one fixed broadband technology and receive an ‘E’ availability rating.

Fixed Broadband Quality

  • Only 0.5 per cent of premises achieve the highest Quality rating of A as they are in new housing developments covered by NBN Co.
  • The majority of the remaining premises are in the lowest or second lowest category as they have access to ADSL, ADSL2+ or no fixed line access.

Source: My Broadband https://www.mybroadband.communications.gov.au/

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