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Indi Weekly Scoop - November 7, 2014

Posted November 07, 2014



  • Indi Newsletter No.2 on the way
  • Indi food manufacturers discuss growing the sector
  • Volunteers encouraged to get on board
  • Catholic schools look to leadership  
  • Rutherglen tourism expansion
  • Out and about in Indi

Indi Newsletter

Indi Newsletter No. 2 is being delivered to households across the electorate as we type. The newsletter highlights the exciting 12 months Cathy has spent representing the people of Indi.

Cathy has been delivering for Indi and taking action in a number of key areas, particularly mobile phone coverage, NBN and the train service. Other highlights include lobbying the Government to sign $350 million defence contracts for Thales Australia Benalla and Mulwala, and lobbying to get $3.5 million in Fair Entitlements Guarantee payments for Bruck Textile Technologies workers.    

Federal funding continues to flow into Indi and more organisations and groups are contacting Cathy to visit Canberra and lobby MPs and Senators. A video accompanying the newsletter delivery will be posted on Cathy’s Facebook page next Monday. The newsletter will also be posted online next week.

Food manufacturers gather    

Senator for Victoria, the Hon. John Madigan, was a guest at Cathy’s food manufacturing gathering in Wodonga yesterday. Sen. Madigan is passionate about regional manufacturing and believes the sector has a healthy future in Australia. Cathy brought together business owners and Wodonga Council to talk about issues and how she can take solutions to Canberra. An Indi manufacturing forum is planned for 2015 to showcase manufacturing jobs and demand in the region, highlight products, and engage with other sectors. (Pictured, Pallisades Investments representative Paul Brown, Cathy, adviser to Senator John Madigan Matthew Restall, and Victorian Senator, The Hon. John Madigan at the food manufacturing gathering yesterday in the Wodonga office).

Building leadership in Catholic schools 

Cathy encourages people to step up and become leaders in their community. Yesterday she met with Catholic school representatives to discuss a leadership program and forum for emerging teachers planned for next year. Schools want to create closer ties to business and industry to help build pathways for jobs for students.

Boost for Rutherglen

In Indi funding news, Chinese enterprise Raylah Estate Holdings likes what it sees in Rutherglen. Cathy was pleased to hear Raylah has the confidence to invest more than $6 million building accommodation at Tuileries and expanding Rutherglen Estates. This will create a large number of jobs and bring economic benefits to the region. This is great news for the Rutherglen Wine District and wineries in the area. It also demonstrates the growing potential for tourism opportunities in Indi. Congratulations to Indigo Shire on making this happen.

Out and about in Indi

This afternoon Cathy officially opened the Wangaratta District School fete, and tonight is a guest at the Into Our Hands Community Foundation AGM in Myrtleford. Tomorrow it’s off to Benalla for the annual Festival Street Parade, the Samaria Farm Open Day and Yooralla Community Farm Open Day. Cathy will present awards at the final of the North East Skate Park Series tomorrow night.

Remembrance Day is next Tuesday and Cathy will attend the service in Benalla. Representatives from Cathy’s office will lay wreaths at services in Wodonga, Rutherglen and Wangaratta. Red poppies are synonymous with the commemoration and handmade poppies are a great way to show your support.

Come join Cathy's Crew 

Volunteer Information Sessions are being held next Tuesday, November 11 at Wodonga and Wangaratta. Cathy’s Crew has been running for six months and it’s time to induct more eager volunteers. If you’re keen to help Cathy in the office and electorate, you’re encouraged to attend a session. Contact Simon Crase on 03 5721 7077 or email simon.crase@aph.gov.au.   

Next week, Cathy’s major engagement is visiting the Upper Murray region for constituent meetings and school visits.   

Upper Murray Valley visit - Thursday, November 13

Location: Tangambalanga, outside the shop  Time: 10am

Location: Tallangatta, the Triangle                Time: 11am

Location: Corryong, Main Street                   Time: 3.45pm

Location: Walwa, Main Street                       Time: 5.15pm

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