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Indi Weekly Scoop Thursday 29 March

Posted March 29, 2018



Above: Members of the Alpine Valley Community Leadership Program visited Parliament House for a study tour this week. See story below


Call for regional higher education strategy

A national regional higher education strategy is needed to guide the sector in regional and remote Australia. Universities play a unique role in developing regional economies – as well as contributing to social and cultural development. Cathy introduced a Private Member's Bill calling on the Government to ensure regional Australia has a comprehensive higher education strategy. Watch the speech.

Senate inquiry into mental health in the bush

A Senate inquiry seeks to understand why rural Australians access mental health services at such a low rate. The inquiry will make recommendations to improve the delivery of mental health services in regional areas. Indi has a proud legacy of grassroots mental health reform and Cathy encourages all individuals, organisations and mental health professionals to make submissions before the closing date of 11 May. Watch Cathy’s speech.

Cathy appointed to Joint Select Committee on Constitutional Recognition Relating to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples

The Committee will explore recognition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples in the Constitution. It will consider the recommendations from the Uluru Statement and the recommendations from the Referendum Council. Co-chaired by Senator Patrick Dodson and Mr Julian Leeser MP, the committee will present an interim report to Parliament by 30 July. Written submissions close on Monday, 11 June. Find out more here.

Scope of works urgently needed

The Government has committed $235m to fixing the North East rail track, yet the community is still in the dark as to how the money will be spent. It is vital the scope of works for the track is released and a community discussion can occur. Watch Cathy’s speech.


Leadership group meets PM

Members of the Alpine Valley Community Leadership program visited Parliament House for a study tour this week. They group met with – amongst others – the PM where they discussed leadership and avoided discussing the cricket! Find out more here about the program.

Money for mini-grids

The Minister for Energy, Josh Frydenberg, congratulated Indi communities for leading on renewables. He said during Question Time it was a pleasure to meet with local groups last week. The Government has put aside $12.5 million to support pilot projects in local communities that bring together renewables and storage. Watch Cathy’s question.


Above: Young people from Indi joined this week’s volunteers in Canberra at the Indi Expats’ Breakfast. (see below)

Indi comes to Canberra

There was a strong Indi presence at Parliament House this week. Cathy hosted the regular Indi Expats’ Breakfast. It was a great opportunity to meet up, discuss their studies and hear how young people can respond to the 2018-19 Federal Budget when it is handed down on 8 May. There will be another breakfast before the end of the year. Get in contact with Cathy’s office to be included on the invitation list.

The Indi Makers also visited Canberra this week. They had a tour of Parliament House, lunch with Cathy and then went to Question Time.

Legislation that passed the House of Representatives this week


Dairy industry regional survey

The Dairy Industry Future Focus Working Group (DIFFWG) is looking for input into the challenges and opportunities facing dairy in our region. Fill out the survey here.

Inquiry into Commonwealth environmental water

An inquiry looking into the management and use of Commonwealth environmental water is looking at innovative uses for environmental water and how to improve community engagement. Written submissions will be accepted until Thursday, 12 April 2018. Make a submission.

Review into barriers to local adoption of children

A new inquiry is looking into the barriers that may exist for local adoptions. In 2015-16, 46,448 children were in out-of-home care, yet only 278 adoptions were finalised. The Inquiry wants to understand why there are not more adoptions in Australia. Find out more and make a submission.

Input to forestry agreements

Over the next two years the Victorian Government will be undertaking a review of its Regional Forestry Agreements (RFAs). RFAs establish the framework for the management of forests. The Government will use the outcomes of the engagement processes to inform the modernisation of Victoria’s RFAs. Find out more here.


Tallangatta South mobile tower celebrations

Tallangatta South celebrated its new mobile phone tower at an event last Saturday. Pictured below are some of the community members who attended.



Over the Easter break, there may be time with family to work this out together. The Scoop Puzzle will provide a regular opportunity to test your Indi knowledge.

Today’s puzzle:

Cryptic - What Indi town is this?

The clue - His paddock.

Test your Indi knowledge

What is a Golden Yak?

A             A unit of currency in Nepal

B             A statue of a Hindu God

C             An award given to someone who talks a lot (don't you know Silence is Golden?)

D            An award given to someone aspiring to 100% renewable energy.



  • 30 March – 2 April – EASTER
  • 6 April – Wodonga – Regional Australians for Refugees conference dinner


Happy Easter! The Wangaratta and Wodonga offices will be closed from Friday 30 March and will reopen on Tuesday 3 April. For urgent matters contact Cathy on her mobile on 0418 326 960

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