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Indi Summit - Delivering our Vision

The inaugural Indi Summit has been a positive step in creating a prosperous, caring electorate alive with opportunities for everyone.

Democracy is built on the belief that people hold the power and invest an amount of this power in their elected representative. An effective Independent Member of Parliament understands the needs of their communities through extensive community engagement. This knowledge creates a strong platform for representation, advocating and decision-making in Parliament.

During 2015, well over 2000 people were actively engaged in our democracy through the Budget Impact Tour, Get in Cathy’s Ear Postcard and Kitchen Table Conversations, as well as community meetings across Indi.

On October 24 in Benalla, 220 people attended the Indi Community Summit. They set the agenda, shaped the conversations, and will own the outcomes.

The Indi Community Summit Report – Delivering Our Vision will be the culmination of this extensive consultation process. The Report will be launched on 27 January, 2015. Register to receive your copy of the report here.

What next?

  • Groups have committed to work on Summit outcomes and provide on action to be taken in Parliament, with industry and community organisations and local government. You can download the Theme Reports that came out of the Summit here
  • In 2018, the community will take the lead and hold the second Indi Summit to continue building our communities

As the Federal Member for Indi, I have been proud to be part of this process of participatory democracy. I believe this report will be a strong foundation for the future development of North East Victoria. I encourage all community leaders to read the report, and engage with their communities to implement the commitments. I look forward to continue working with the whole community of Indi to build an electorate that is truly alive with opportunities for everyone.


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