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Volunteer - Jude Scarfe

Posted September 22, 2015



Jude volunteered in Cathy's office in Canberra for the September 14-17 sitting. Read about her thoughts on this exciting experience

1. Tell us about yourself. What’s your background?

"I've lived in the Northeast for 38 years and have had family living in the area for 4 generations. Raised children in Wodonga, studied Social Work La Trobe in Wodonga and have been active in numbers of community organisations and the musical arts. I work full time with Victorian Govt in Health and was involved in Cathy's campaign in Wodonga with Voices for Indi. I've always had an interest in grass roots and community action and believe we need to refocus our participation in politics."

2. Why did you volunteer?

"Volunteered to support Cathy in Canberra and to experience how things are done and the goings on behind the scenes of parliament for our democracy."

3. What surprised you during your time in Parliament House?

"That despite what we see and hear in the media and even with a change of Prime minister, from one day to the next the business of government goes on in the background, meetings, delegations and speeches."

4. What would you say about the Indi Way?

"The Indi way provides a respectful and inclusive approach to how we share both what we have in common and also in our diversity as we participate in our democracy. It's how we've been challenged to go about the business of listening to each other, working together and defining expectations of our representation in Indi."


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