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Keep the spirit of ANZAC alive by volunteering

April 21, 2017

Independent Member for Indi Cathy McGowan has urged people to continue the spirit of ANZAC by volunteering and giving to their own local communities.

Ms McGowan said the commitment of service men and women was a powerful example to follow.

“ANZACs volunteered to for the sake of their country. People can honour that gift by putting up their hands to be involved in their local communities,” Ms McGowan said.

“ANZAC day is traditionally a day to remember past sacrifice. That spirit still thrives in Indi in everyday acts of giving and commitment. People can be inspired by the ANZAC example to contribute in many ways.”

Ms McGowan, who will attend services in Wodonga at 6am and Wangaratta at 11am on ANZAC day, also joined with the RSL and Indigo Shire Mayor on Tuesday 18 April to plant a Lone Pine tree at the Memorial Gardens in Rutherglen.

“There was a strong sense of personal connection given my family’s ties to the area, and my grandfather’s service in World War I,” Ms McGowan said.

“Thank you to the veterans of Indi, past and present, for your commitment and dedication to service”.

Check local council websites or local newspapers for details on ANZAC Day services.


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