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Kitchen Table Conversations




"Since my election in 2013, I have been travelling around the electorate, listening to people and taking action on issues raised during the first Kitchen Table Conversations. It’s now time for another round and I’m looking forward to being part of many conversations and hearing what the people of Indi think about their communities, representation and issues."

 Cathy McGowan, February 2015   


Why Kitchen Table Conversation?

Kitchen Table Conversations were initially established by the Victorian Womens Trust over a decade ago. In 2013 the Voices for Indi group implemented this simple and effective process by which people across the electorate could have a voice, making sure that Indi citizens’ interests, concerns and ideas were heard, respected and taken up by candidates presenting for the federal election.

This conversation process created an exciting move for change in Indi. It was the impetus for hundreds of people to become volunteers in the campaign that ultimately resulted in my election as independent Federal Member for Indi.


The Kitchen Table Conversation process is built on a foundation of important values:

  • Diversity of opinion is welcomed and valued; and party political allegiance is no barrier to participation
  • Everyone participating is listened to and treated with respect
  • Listening and understanding is the primary focus of the conversations
  • Everyone’s views and opinions will be recorded faithfully and represented honestly

During April, May and June 2015, all across the Indi electorate from Marysville to the Tallangatta Valley, groups of people meet together for kitchen table conversations. Hosts then collated and submitted their conversation’s responses to my office, where they were compiled into a report.

These thoughts and ideas provide vital information to best enable me to represent the people of Indi at Federal Parliament. The findings will also inform an electorate wide Summit in October.

This video explains more. 



Please click the link below to download the Report. 

Indi Report 2015 PDF (3.83MB)