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Our Kitchen Table Conversations give the people of Indi the opportunity to discuss their interests, concerns and ideas. From them, issues may emerge that are important to that group - issues they may want to develop further - after their conversation has finished.

This 'KTC Discussions' page is the place to let others know what you are passionate about, and see if anyone else would like to join you or support your issue.

Take a look at what issues have already been listed and if its a new issue, click on "ADD YOUR SUGGESTION" and start the discussion.

If a discussion on your issue has already been started, look through the discussion and add your comments.
You can also tag your comment with one of the following:

  • "Let's work together" - if you are also passionate about this issue and would like to work with this group
  • "Keep me informed" - you aren't wanting to be a part of the group, however you'd like to know what they are doing in case things change in the future.
  • "Great Issue" - you want to acknowledge the work this group discussion is doing.
  • "Helpful Resource" - do you have some information you'd like to share with this group.

There is no guarantee what will happen from the issues and ideas put forward here, and the results that people across Indi, working together, can achieve. 

"How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment
before starting to improve the world."

Anne Frank, Diary of a Young Girl

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