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KTC Report Launch 2015

The Kitchen Table Conversations Report is a comprehensive overview of major issues current in Indi in the first half of 2015. Cathy thanks the community and acknowledges the work that was done to create this report.

In the last three months more than 1600 people have provided feedback on issues. The KTC Report joins the Budget Impact Tour Report and Get in Cathy’s Ear postcard to provide the foundation for future planning. The next step is the Indi Summit on Saturday, October 24. This summit will bring together all the feedback to form a strategic plan for Indi.

Thank-you to the 103 hosts and 610 participants for their time, energy and commitment to be part of the Kitchen Table Conversation process. Please click the link below to download the Report. 

Indi Report 2015 PDF (3.83MB) 

Thanks to Killer Pig, Jake and Sam Bowtell, for filming the launch. Five young speakers presented their 'Vision for Indi' with enthusiasm and passion on what's need for Indi to become a vibrant electorate with opportunities for all.


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