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November 17, 2017

Letter to the editor re citizenship issue

Letter send to local newspapers Monday 13 November.

I welcome the agreement of the government and the Australian Labor Party on a way forward to resolve the citizenship issue. I introduced a similar motion to the Parliament in August 2017.

In coming weeks all parliamentarians will be required to disclose their citizenship status, their parents’ and grandparents’; and evidence of how any dual citizenship was renounced.

Readers may be interested to note one of my grandparents was born in Rutherglen, one in Wodonga, and two in Melbourne. I was born in Albury. My parents, grandparents and I hold no dual citizenship.

My commitment has always been to work with the government of the day, with respect, and putting Indi first. When Parliament resumes on 27 November I intend to continue this approach which has served Indi well since my election: funding for 38 mobile phone towers, progress on a sustainable solution for the North East rail line including $100 million to fix the track, and great success in attracting infrastructure funding.

I welcome the many letters, phone calls and emails my office has received on the citizenship issue. Constituents have been keen to see the uncertainty settled and I encourage people to stay in touch.

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