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Light Waves projects concerns of Tallangatta students

Posted November 14, 2016


Ms McGOWAN (Indi) (16:11): Colleagues, I have to tell you that young people in northeast Victoria are doing some of the most exciting and innovative work that I have seen in a long time. On Saturday, 29 October, I had the enormous pleasure of being a guest at Tallangatta. The year 9 students at Tallangatta Secondary College organised a projection called Lightwaves right across the town.

Today, I would like to say to the parliament how proud I am to be a member of parliament for a community which has wonderful, inspiring work such as that done by the Tallangatta Secondary College. This was a really exciting multimedia presentation made possible through the generous support of Creative Victoria, the Towong Shire, the Rotary Club of Tallangatta and FReeZA. Today, I would particularly like to acknowledge the work of Natalie Ord, the photographer; Aleksa and Rab, the people at the school; and the whole community for getting behind it. We had six projection spots around the town of Tallangatta. The young people had taken issues that were important to them like cyberbullying, homelessness, refugees and equality in sport and had made short videos that they then projected. To the young people of Tallangatta: well done! I was so pleased to be your guest, and I look forward to coming back for your speech night in December.

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